Craft. Experience. Integrity. The mission of Alex Mill – to create the perfect uniform of well-crafted essentials – starts with the iconic tee shirt. To improve upon an item with the ubiquity of the tee shirt is an impossible challenge. It’s one that we met head on and won. Sound like a tall tale? Try one and see.


Precision. Expertise. Métier. Alex Mill was born from a lifetime of garment industry know-how and over a decade of working in and alongside factories and mills around the globe.

Make it Easy. Take it Easy. We make fuss free clothing that gets better with wash and age. We’re inspired by well-crafted workwear that develops character over time, with each wash and wear. These are clothes to live in.


New. York. City. The chaos, the hustle, the adrenaline of the city is a constant rush as well as constant inspiration. We're drawn to the high energy, but also love the quieter moments– reading a book on a crowded subway commute, family dinner at Odeon, strolling the cobblestone streets of Tribeca. New York is the beating heart of Alex Mill.