China — Knits
To create some of our custom-made, one-of-a-kind fabrics, we have teamed up with a creative and advanced mill and factory that develops and produces a wide scope of knitted materials such as cotton, dobby, linen cotton, and even wool blends. Using technologically advanced machinery, they are able to achieve signature details such as custom stripe knitting and flat lock stitching. Their unique washing facilities also help give each garment its unique Alex Mill feel. Noteworthy is the fact this factory has recently built their own farm and are growing various crops.  The farm contributes green space to the environment and is helpful to absorb dust and harmful gas.

China — Woven Shirts
Alex Mill has teamed up with one of the most advanced factories in  Southern China to make some of our woven shirts. This factory utilizes cutting edge sewing facilities and garment washing techniques, rarely found in other regions, to give each garment unique details.  This includes applying our signature trapunto stitching detail and hand embroidery.  They practice resource conservation and responsible use of chemicals, plastics and pesticides to reduce environmental impact.